Monday, November 26, 2007

David Mazzuchelli Analysis Questions

Here on the right is a classic example of a Mazuchelli piece. More than 50% of this drawing is black space, but it adds to the piece. There are not alot of descriptive lines in this piece, just the bare minimum required to convey an image. There is a good balance between the left and right side of the drawing. Batman's cape makes him look more imposing because of the way it is shaped. It is shaped so that all the black space above him seems to be part of his figure. This drawing is very high contrast. There are only about 4 values in this piece, black, white and two shades of gray but that is all that is necessary. I think that the artist intended for this drawing to be very disorienting and very dark and it completely works. I would say that this drawing is done in contour line, there is some descriptive line used in the figure on the right's jacket but those lines are more of blocks of black than lines. I got this image off Wikipedia but it was featured in the "Comics on the Verge" exhibit in 2004. This is the cover of Batman #407.

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