Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Five Hero Artists

Five artists that I admire and try to learn from are, Roy Lichtenstein, Jack Kirby, Frank Millar, John Romita Jr. and Jim Lee. Four of those five artists draw comic books, but they are still artists that I really look up to. Roy Lichtenstein is one of my favorite artists because of how bold and bright his paintings are. They are extremely simple, giant blow-ups of comic book panels, but the giant lines and glaring colors really bring them to life. His 3-D work is interesting too, such as the house sculpture that can be perceived as a room or as a house depending on how you view the central corner. I like work like his that is open to interpertation to the viewer. Jack Kirby is probably the most famous comic book artist of all time, his work on 1960s Marvel comics influenced the style for years to come. He also uses fairly simplistic lines with bright colors. Sometimes his environments can be intensely detailed, and so can his costumes but it still retains a sense of simplicity, regardless of all the minor details added in. He drew for the Fantastic Four and many other comic books during his long career. Frank Millar is another more contemporary comic book artist who is known for darker-themed books that he writes and usually illustrates as well. His style is extremely simplistic, almost bare-bones in its contrast. Alot of his work, like Sin City or the 300, has only a handful of colors and very blocky illustrations. I like that style though because as a reader, you still know exactly what is going on, and the way everything is drawn adds to the theme. John Romita Jr. is a modern comic-book artist, who currently draws a number of comic lines. He is not particularly amazing, but I respect typical comic art. It takes alot of work to draw 30 pages a month that cohesively tells a story, and he does a good job of telling a story with pictures. His style of art is fairly simplistic but his backgrounds are very well done. He keeps face simple as well as bodies, he does not draw bulky muscle with veins popping for his heroes, he draws men in costumes. Jim Lee is my final artist and I respect him simply for the fact that he draws intensely detailed people, faces, bodies, backgrounds, cars, and everything else. The level of detail in everything he draws is amazing because he does it for thrity pages a month just like Romita Jr. Lee has a perfect knowledge of facial structure and anatomy and his drawings look spot-on.

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