Monday, January 12, 2009

Midterm Exam - Part 1

1. What is the central idea of you concentration?

The central idea of my concentration is drawing a ten-page comic book. It is a very long and tedious task but the central idea is to show the amount of time and effort that go into creating even something as short as ten pages. I wish to show people that I can start a daunting and difficult task and finish it, all while keeping the same level of quality throughout. I think that the medium of the comic book is a fascinating way to tell a story, it is a combination between a book and a motion picture, it can tell any story and I think that it is completely underappreciated. I hope that the people who see my comic book that I've been working on for so long will understand how difficult it was to create and maybe will appreciate it as a form of art.

My concentration this year is the logical extension of my concentration in previous years because my work has always been largely inspired by comic books. This is just the next step in terms of difficulty and also in terms of artistic accomplishment. You can see how focused I've always been on comic books by looking at my blog over the years and now I've finally created something that validates that perhaps one day I could be a comic book artist for a major publisher. That is what I am concentrating on, I enjoy drawing comics and I hope to become an artist for a comic book company later in life if it is possible.

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