Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Part III: Lesson to the Class

For my lesson to the class I want to teach how to draw a person in a comic-book style way. My reference is a book at my house that I will bring to class on the day I'm teaching called "How to Draw the Marvel Way". It is the book that I use as a reference for drawing people and teaches you a simple way to draw a person. It starts with a stick figure that is anatomically correct. You draw the figure in any position you'd like and then begin to "pipe it up" by creating muscle-less joints with light pencil lines. After creating a pose and giving the figure some underlying structure you begin to add on muscle and smaller details. After adding muscle you use your eraser to get rid of excess lines that were used for your underlying structure. After doing this you can add whatever details you want and your figure should look good because you gave it a sort of scaffolding to draw around. With this "scaffolding" in place, it is easier to draw with correct proportions and anatomy.

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