Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Part II: Letter to Art III

To rising AP Studio Art students,

I wanted to give you some advice based on my experience in AP Studio Art this year. I think that the main focus of the class is the AP portfolio in May and you should centralize your year around this event. You may think at the beginning of the year that you have plenty of time to create your portfolio but it really isn't that long. I was underprepared for it this year and wasn't able to submit my best work. I think that you should focus on creating thirty or more pieces by May and even if they aren't the best in the world its better than submitting sketches. This year also helped me alot with developing a style. I think that if you find your area of concentration early on in the year it makes the rest of the year easy and managable. I found my area of concentration with pen and ink in October and was able to create those types of pieces for the rest of the year. I have one more year of AP Studio Art and I think next year I'll be able to develop my artistic style even more. It is important that you find a type of style that is distinct and separates you from the pack. It is important to be distinctive and unique and that is the advice that I have learned this year that I am giving to you.

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