Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Part I: Concentration

I wrote that my area of concentration was costume design and comic book style art. In my area of concentration I mostly use pencils and sometimes pens and all of the work reflects a comic-book influenced style of art. Half of the drawings are figure drawings with costume designs that I created myself. Four of my pieces are sequential art, to show that comic books are my main style of art and all of those pieces are done in pencil. I didn't want to reupload some pictures that are already on the blog that I used in my AP Portfolio but I did use the 3000 AD picture, the picture of all the teenagers fighting the three beasts and some other drawings of my girlfriend. My style is heavily influenced by the artists I have previously blogged about, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Miller, Dave Mazzuchelli, John Romita and Jim Lee. My area of concentration is definitely in the realm of comic-book style art and is all drawn similarly. These works are from a number of different years but remain a coherent theme that I always use.

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